Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Impossible to Find

Celine and my home broadband is of the BellSouth variety. It comes with a fairly punitive "free as in your time has a similar value" web hosting. You know, five kilobytes of storage and eight kilobytes of "traffic". One of those deals where the bucket truck will run over your house if you ever do something as unfortunate as getting listed on slashdot, and the resulting thirty hits have taken you well over your 8KB limit. You know, right? But the best part is, it is simply impossible to find. There are actually two URLs that can get you there. Check 'em out: and
No, goddamnit! I didn't mean click them, just behold the uglyness, with contempt. A little lip curl would be nice. Thanks! That's nice! Both have certain WTF elements that would lead one to confer eternal suckitude on either. Not even almighty google can track that stuff down. The site is mainly a cache for crap that I don't want to email to people, but for which people have asked. Like mondo PDF copies of dissertations on stochastic subsurface hydrology. I can now, and with great comfort and relish, forget these sons-o-bitches-bumpuses URLs once and for all, cozy in the knowledge that they'll be safely cached here on Rantzilla.


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