Monday, February 07, 2005

Makers or Marketers? Who should lead?

Via Doc Searls, I came across this juicy quote from Jim Thompson:
When you put a salespuke or "operations" idiot in-charge of a technology company, you get total, abject failure. Examples abound.
Harsh words worth contemplating. It's sure to get rah-rahs from cubicle-dwelling Dilberts and offend the marketing types who see themselves as the company vangard and the real engine that drives the company. One reason that it's likely more true than not is that the ever-increasing flow of information between customers reveal whether or not a product or service is good -- they don't need advertisments to tell them. Makers focus on products. Marketers focus on the presentation of products. Customers focus on products. Who's the odd man out here?

Jim Thompson's catalyst for the quote was a Business Week interview with Steve Jobs


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