Friday, June 10, 2005

In music, I'm decades back.


When I was a kid, I was into Pete Seeger, kids of fellow kiddomship were rocking out to Peter prompted. People used to rock out to Frampton. Do you feel... Me: David "I'm a hermaphrodite alien mullet sportier! (check the pictures, Iman, it's true)" Bowie. You: Def "Look Ma! Two arms!" Lepard (Is that how it's spelled?). Me: Gang of Four. You: Christina Augararaia (Is that how it's spelled?).

In movies, I'm decades back.

Confession: I started out with a premise, but science blew it away. I figured that I was always trailing a certain number of decades back that slid in a fixed window through time with me, but it's not true. But can't stop now.

Celine and I just caught a couple of blockbusters: The French Connection and The Godfather II.

Yup. Right on top of things, culturally speaking.

I liked The French Connection, although I would have done the opening title stuff differently in any era. If that's all I'm bitching about, it must be a pretty good movie, right? Right. It was. It's on my see again list putting it for a subsequent viewing in 2032.

The Godfather II was great. A sequel that could stand alone, and whoop many comers.

Except its old man.

I understand there are a couple of competing camps. Although de Niro is a primal force of acting ass booterie, and, although I thought that Brando and Pacino underachieved in TGF, TGF edges out its progeny, IMHO. The reasons why are ENG101 (JJJ, pinhut feel free to straighten me out with your erutditeness): the development of Michael Corleone. TGF: "fuck this mafia stuff" -> "family in trouble" -> "off with his head". TGFII: "I'll kill you (or fuck you up in the trying)" -> "I'll kill you (or fuck you up in the trying)" -> "I killed you". de Niro was good, but, having seen TGF you knew he was going to blimp up into Brando. When the don killed his mama, you knew that was his ass... and it was.

Even the pivotal scenes didn't match up. de Niro taking out the fat man in the white suit? Gun shot to the mouth was a nice touch. Didn't match the revenge scene in The Princess Bride, much less the story leading up to and including the climax at the restaurant in TGF.


TGF by three lengths.

Love and schmoooches!


Blogger pinhut said...

Pinhut here. My erudition is unfortunately wasted on the debate between TGF and TGFII. I have seen neither.

I will confess though that I am also dragging my heels culturally, having seen very few films from 1990 onwards, same goes for music recorded after that date. As for literature, I am resolute in dealing mostly with dead writers.

I am not sure this is due to any sort of belief that "old stuff is better", it's just something that is locked into my character. The truth is I never really look forward to anything. I don't use any form of scheduler, I've never bought a calendar, and I prefer not to make plans of any sort.

Maybe there's a recessive gene to blame.

2:17 PM  
Blogger pinhut said...

oh, i'm not suggesting that we SHARE a recessive gene, just that may be the cause in my case. i would not cast aspersions on another's DNA

2:18 PM  
Blogger g said...

Never bought a calendar? That's tough. I hope you dont mind if I write a book the main character of which "prefers not to make plans of any sort". That is righteous!

6:34 PM  
Blogger pinhut said...

george, i'm already writing just such a novel myself, i'm a 100 pages through, so hurry up.

the calendar thing reminds me of the steven wright gags

i've got a weird phone. it's got no 6. i was walking down the street and met a guy i hadn't seen for a while. he said, "why don't you call me anymore?"
i said, "i can't call you anymore, my phone has no 6"
he said, "that's weird, how long have you had it?"
i said, "i don't know, my calendar has no 7s"

10:41 AM  

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