Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Great Thing About Life

*IS* that you get to be with people who you cannot fit into your imagination.

Take, for instance, Celine.

She goes into any (and I mean *any*) situation, and people are inspired, uplifted, relieved.

I have to punt my MSan to where I am, because she's the only person other than me who gets what I'm saying (in that way).

PSan. George Foreman in his prime is not PSan in diapers, and ass whupery is something akin to cleaning terlits AFAPSIC. Albert Einstein is not PSan splattering himself and everyone around him with watermelon in the canoe house *on his best day*. PSan passes through this world, and people wonder "how do *I* get me some of *that*". (it's true) (it's so freakyly true that you can't even believe it (unless you've been there))


Sis is 'nuff said. With boot in appropriate places.

The *family* (got my eye on you Dumptruck!)

Life is a cascade of wonderful people.

JJ, Fran, Jools, ...

FT, DG, MB, ...

Bita, Moni in /Iraq/...

Dan, Kevin -- bearing the torch ...

Friends, neighbours, people in England who speel thinks "ou" (as do those hot French people) ...

(Make someone say "oui! oui! oui" (or something analgous) tonight!)

Zack, you shit head.

Do this for me. Write down your sentiment.

Write it down.

The one corresponding to this one.

Introspection builds souls.

More importantly, it let's people know how you feel, however clumsily you may do it.


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