Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Enjoy your tax cut!

Ahh... tax cuts! That's the way to stimulate the economy, eh? Uh, no. If I had 70 large. No, larger. No, larger. No... really fucking large! 70 billion dollars year in and year out, what would I do? Dunno. I'd consider funding college scholarships. With 70 really fucking large, I could provide a $20000 fellowship for college. Let vets be first in line, followed by those in need, then by those with an affection for physics (fuck yes, I'm prejudiced), then whoever wants one. Twenty grand into 70 fucking large is 3.5 million.


70000 fully-funded students for each state in the union.

What kind of effect would *that* have on the economy?

Paris Hilton gets a break on her capital gains for investments in debt v. financial barrier to college eliminated for 3.5 million students every year? Nothing against Paris or investing in debt, but really.


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