Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Letter From Dick Cheney

The National Republican Congressional Committee sent me a letter on behalf of Dick Cheney, if the fake signature is to be believed. In other times, I might be moved to send a real conservative (you know -- gummint out of my and everyone else's personal life, spending less than you take in, free trade) a buck or two, but I'm not so inclined these days. Here's a line that gave me a grim chuckle:

When the President and I took office, we were determined to get beyond the tired old debates and petty partisanship. We were determined to solve problems, not just pass them on to the next generation.

Mr. Vice President, may I present a problem that we didn't have before you got into office and one with which we'll be saddled long after you depart: Iraq. May I present another: the budget deficit. May I present a problem that needed solving that you simply failed to solve: Afghanistan.

Anyone got a problem that this crowd actually solved?



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