Thursday, July 21, 2005

GeekSpeak: Ask Dr Aybabtu

Dr Aybabtu,

I just upgraded my eMac to Tiger, and it was an astounding pain in the ass. It could have been really simple, but it was absolutely impossible to find out WTF to do from the Apple site?

Cranky in Cabbagetown.

Dear Crank,

Here's the deal. Steve Jobs thinks that all Mac users are complete idiots, and if they are confronted with anything more detailed than "ooweee purty iPod" they won't buy his "product". Let me guess, eMac: no DVD. Tiger upgrade: DVD. Got hold of a USB DVD drive, and everything seemed to "just work" until reboot time, eh? Then you spent two hours on google trying to find "hold the option button down on boot". Yup. Those little words could have saved you two hours of your life. Yup. Two hours you could have spent making sex videos with Playboy playmates or implementing a text-based Grand Theft Auto for emacs. But, no. Rather than reveal the hold the button secret, what does Apple suggest? Send us your DVD and ten bucks and we'll send you CDs. You chose to lie down with the Apple dogs, kid. Enjoy your fleas.

Dr Aybabtu


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