Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Guest Blogger: Pecuniarius Winchester Smith-Wesson, XXX

Your liberal host, Mr. Rantzilla, has afforded me the opportunity to lay out the fundamental correctness of mainstream Republican philosophy, to you, his presumably liberal audience. Here is how it works. Due to my stature and superiority and that of my peers, our wealth must not be diverted to mean and common things. The society in which we live have nothing to do with the benefits we accrue -- these are granted to us by God due to our righteousness. Thus we have "tax cuts." Taxes are an evil levied upon your superiors for your benefit, and the cutting of said taxes merely align the world with the proper Will of God.

You, of the underclass, have options before you. The best option to exercise is that of High and Noble birth. However, this is an option you refused to exercise, so you must now choose among lesser options. You may serve a better, and provided that you produce more than you are compensated, you will be well-regarded. You may go catch bullets, and, should you survive, we have many nice sidewalks in lesser towns where you may live. You may go to prison. These are your options.

These concepts come easily to a mind as quick and facile as mind, but lessers like you should take my word for it.

Pecuniarius Winchester Smith-Wesson, XXX


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