Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Liberal? Moi?

In some sense, I suppose, but I'm more of a progressive libertarian. Plus, my internal Sturm und Drang created by 40 S&W and 357 Sig dilemma punt me welll outside the liberal as understood by my The Nation reading compatriots. But I'm not hangin' with my man Pecuniarius. Not rich enough. And even with a quick 7 billion dollar infusion, I never will be.

Progressive: we need to, as a society, encourage entrepreneurship, independence, merit, hard-work, honesty, compassion.

Libertarian: get the fuck out, get the fuck out, get the fuck out of my personal affairs Pope John "Wrap the Boobies of Justice" Ashcroft Alberto "Me Torture You Long Time!" Gonzalez Republican "You Are Licking My Jackboots, Ja!" goatfuckers!
Please, go join the ACLU right now. Your card says "I love the Constitution, and I love America".


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