Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Stupid OpenOffice Stunts

I'm using TWiki to keep notes, do quick formatting for ripping out decent looking PDF files and the like. I've started battling with Open Office to communicate with those who prefer PowerPoint and the like. So, thems that know me know that the first thing I'm going to do is design some sort of template so I can punt having to think about how it looks, and everything will be in some attractive and useful format. However, this conflicts with my innate desire to leave word processors be -- that' just time I'd rather be spending elsewhere (e.g., emacs). Anyway, in trying to strike a balance, I've gotten where I can take a twiki print page, do some html wrangling, and make a file that can be successfully inserted to new file created from an OO template. However, if a header follows a list, numbering gets thrown off and you're doomed doomed doomed. So, the html mangler inserts text between the list and the header that later needs deletion in OO, and the import goes fine. Well, if not fine, better.


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