Thursday, February 10, 2005

Face to the World

The not so great State of Virginia wins the coveted Face to the World award with Why underpants must stay under in the state of Virginia. This one is not off of the wire, but written by Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian correspondent in Washington, DC.

Ms Goldenberg saves face for the NSGSOV with her dulcet prose. Two samples:

Mr Howell's ire is directed against publicly-visible boxers, briefs and thongs. His targets are those who follow the hip hop trend of wearing low-rise or baggy trousers which put such garments on display.


Delegate Lionell Spruill appealed to his fellow politicians to cast their minds back to their own fashion faux pas - shell suits, Afros, and platform shoes.

The prime instigator Algie T Howell defends his decision to be a ass, wasting time and treasure on a complete non-issue:

"It's not an attack on baggy pants. It's not about Janet Jackson," he said. "To vote for this bill would be to do something good not only for Virginia, but for this entire country."

Funny, responsible stewardship of money, resources, and the environment seem like something that would be more pressing than outtie undies. Shows you WTF I know.


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