Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Glimpse of Japan from Altered Perspectives

Here are some atypical takes on Japan.

MasaManiA As Masa himself describes it:

Japanese culture report by MasaManiA with fucking photo & poor English you never seen at boring CNN, Time or major sophisticated jurnalism.

Dear Masa loves to drop the F-bomb. I think that he must run his site out of his house, or off of his cellphone, or something, because it'll take a while for it to load. He takes some great pictures and his idiosyncratic storytelling reveals a gifted and thoughtful storyteller, once you get past (what I believe to be somewhat) contrived Engrish and F-bombery.

Tokyo Damage Report is an American in Paris, if Paris was Tokyo, and Hemingway was a connoisseur of tentacled punk rock and transvestite noodle wrestling. The link you're looking for is his current page wherein you'll find the latest (which, at time of posting, was Sex Gandam. If you're wondering about the Gandam part, you might try gundam. If you're wondering about the sex part, well I can't help you.

Alllll righty, then.


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