Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Guardian

When it comes to online papers, I've got a few opinions. For easy reading of lengthy articles, The International Herald Tribune is pretty sweet. The articles are lain out in three columns, and you navigate with simple clicks on the columns on either side of the page. Fitt's law macho supremo. I like rambling through Google News and peeking at what pops up on the versions targeted at foreign (to the US) audiences. Plus, they've got their Zeitgeist which is pretty nifty, too. But there is one paper that I love, and she is The Guardian. Every so often, I'll check out the World Latest page to see what's going on. Georgia always seems to pop up in the AP "crap from the US" section. Boy trying to mate with dog, or man attacks family by driving 67 Impala through trailer, or some such. The headlines on their main page cover stuff you don't see in the mainstream press here: stuff about oil depletion, global climate change (not to be PC, some predictions have local areas trending colder, some much warmer... and it is happening, despite what flat-earthers claim to the contrary), the re-release of Deep Throat (WTF? Front page, too). To top it all off, they post their style guide on the front page along with a quote from Elmore Leonard (current as of time of posting):

If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.

Not enough? Read the introduction Neither Pedantic nor Wild, which begins:

The Guardian has always been a newspaper for writers, and so a newspaper for readers.

They get it, and it shows.


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