Thursday, February 10, 2005

Jim Jawitz on the Word Blog

Jim Jawitz has a something to say about blogging, or, more specifically, the word blog:

Only problem is "blog" sounds like "bog" which be Scottish for shitter; "bog-shyte" being a heartily flung expletive that I enjoy.

I fail to set the problem. It all makes perfect sense to me. The acute observer will certainly blurt "WTF did you create a google search link for Jim rather than, say, link to some picture of him doing the Soil and Water Science Christmas, er, Holidays production of the Full Monte?" Well, turns out there is too much good stuff spread across multiple links. Consider:

Hit One: Professional Page
Spare, stylish, and no motherfucking flash. Things have come a ways since I was doing anything academic.

Hit Two: Burrito Bros
Jim Jawitz and friend holding the Intergalactic Sunfish Regatta Trophy in front of the Freemantle Sailing Club, wherein America's Cup rests. The friend is John Rayner, the Austrailian Wonder, who, with a bad case of dodgy guts, could drive you slap out of Alachua County.

Hit Three: Personal Page Under Construction
Last modified while the world was a simpler place and Republicans and Democrats alike thought that a certain someone was a babbling dumbass.

Hit You Sank My Motherfucking Battleship: Dr Death
Flag football at UF. I played back before they were good, which they are now. The Aussie Wonder John Rayner was likewise a member in the BeforeTime. Jim was fearless leader then, now and all the time in between (The BetweenTime).


The first hit on a google search jim jawitz dr death was titled Woody Guthrie through film: a selective guide.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this rant is your best one yet. i like the new "jim jawitz" focus of your bog, er, blog. keep up the good work!

5:17 PM  

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